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Soil Testing For Food Plots

Deer Creek Seed has partnered with Rock River Laboratory to offer our customers an easy way to obtain a quality soil test report and nutrient recommendations to grow the very best food plots possible. Our Soil Test Kit includes basic instructions for taking a good soil sample and directions for sending the sample to the Rock River Laboratory soil testing facility for analysis. For each soil sample submitted, your soil test report will include numerous fertilizer recommendations for different food plot crop species along with soil pH information. 


Kit includes: 

Sampling Instructions

Soil Sample Bag

Grower Information Form

Prepaid Mailing Label to Rock River Laboratory


Simply follow the soil sampling instructions included. Fill out the Grower Information Form and mail it with the soil sample to Rock River Laboratory. Within 10-15 business days of receiving your sample, Rock River will email you a detailed report of your soil test results along with lime and fertilizer recommendations.

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