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We invite you to join our 40 year history of growing exceptional seed and delivering it with service to match.

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As a vertically-integrated producer, we have the leverage to set you up for success.

When we control the entire process, quality is high overhead is low. You can sell with confidence, knowing that you’re getting best-in-class product.

Outsourcing refinement process adds risk to product quality and eats into your margins. We do it all in-house, giving you the best scenario for profitability.

Selling the Deer Creek brand gives you 35 years of excellence backing you up. Customers know us. They trust us, and with our help – they’ll trust you too.

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Here are the product categories we serve:

  • Farming
  • We understand the importance of high-quality seed for your farmer’s crop yields. Take it from us, farmers are the most important aspect of the seed business. Give them the best available and they’ll be loyal customers.
  • Homesteading
  • Homesteading and hobby farming are becoming more popular by the year. Whether your customers are planting straight products, cover crops, native grasses, or pasture mixes, we have them covered. Forage more sales by becoming a Deer Creek Seed dealer.
  • Wildlife
  • Hunters and nature enthusiasts alike care for the well-being of wildlife. Help your customers increase wildlife numbers by improving habitats. With a range of products, there is a seed mix for every need. Become a Deer Creek Seed dealer and help your hunters get the best bang for their buck.
  • Landscape
  • Lawn care and landscaping gives the world a first impression. We understand the importance of providing the highest quality products to help your customers create the best look and landscape possible. Not only do we consider personal needs but we cater to a wide variety of customers including, but not limited to, contractors, schools, DOTs, parks, and athletic fields.

A Deeper Look at Deer Creek

The Deer Creek Promise

If you’re reading this, then you probably agree there’s a lot that goes into growing a seed to get it right.

With 35 years of growing straight and true, our promise is that we will actively do our best to get it right, for you.

We live in a rapidly changing agricultural world. The ups and downs of operating factors must be readily addressed – and ideally foreseen. Because we recognize that your profitability is our profitability, you can count on quick service, clear and accurate pricing and stellar product.

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  • Custom Mixes

Why Choose Deer Creek Seed?

Deer Creek Seed offers a complete line of alfalfas, clovers, forage grasses, as well as other forage crops. Our products have high quality genetics with improved disease and pest resistance traits, and proven performance histories. All Deer Creek Seed products are officially tested by third party laboratories for purity, germination and noxious weed seeds to ensure the best possible performance on your farm. Our staff provides customer service that is second to none, so expect fast, friendly and accurate handling of your order.

Based on your specific cropping, harvest and nutritional requirements, Deer Creek Seed Crop Advisors can recommend forage products or custom cover crop blends addressing:

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We’re ready to help you today. Our friendly and knowledgeable team of specialists can help you with any order, large or small. 

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We're ready to help you today. Our friendly and knowledgeable team of specialists can help you with any order, large or small. 

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