When you order 20 lbs or more of any 1lb, 5lb, or 25lb size products. 40lb to 50lb sizes not included
* When you order 20 lbs or more of any 1lb, 5lb, or 25lb size products. 40lb to 50lb sizes not included

Have a question for Deer Creek Seed? Below are some of our most frequently asked questions and answers:

General FAQ's

Why should I buy seed from Deer Creek?

Seed quality begins with the grower. Ask most seed suppliers if they actually grow and condition seed and, most likely, you'll find they don't. They're simply reselling seed they bought from someone else. Deer Creek Seed continues to grow and condition seed - that's what seedsmen do! Our continuing stewardship of this discipline is complemented by access to improved and elite varities from breeding programs around the world. With our top-notch customer service, experienced agronomists, and access to the best growers, Deer Creek Seed is uniquely positioned to meet your all of your seed requirements.


Can I pick up my online purchase at your Windsor, WI, location?

Yes, orders are available for pickup at our Windsor, WI, location.

How it works: 

Pick Up Hours are Monday-Friday 7:30AM-3:30PM.
Please allow for 2-3 business day to fulfill your order. You will receive an email once your order is ready for pick up. Our new office entrance, facing Pepsi Way, services our customer pickups. Once you have arrived at our location, please either call with your order number to let us know you are here for contactless pickup or enter the building to see the front desk customer specialist to pick up your order.

Do you allow walk-in sales at your warehouses?

Our warehouses are not currently set up or staffed to handle walk-in sales traffic. Please order your products online and all in-stock items will ship to you within two business days. 

Can I place my order over the phone?

Our Customer Service Team is happy to help you place an order. However, we cannot take credit cards over the phone for the security of payment information. Payment is available to be paid in full by check and mailed to our facility. To get your order as fast as possible, we highly recommend ordering online. Payment by check has a longer lead time for an order to be delivered to your door. The order will be shipped after the check has been received, processed, and cleared.

Does Deer Creek offer free shipping?

Deer Creek Seed offers free shipping on select products. The qualifying products are 25-pound products and smaller, over a 20 pound minimum.  

50-pound products are ineligible for free shipping at this time. Our shipping rates for these products are shipped at our company's discounted rates through our shipping partners.

Orders with both qualifying free shipping products and 50-pound products will have a shipping charge for only the 50-pound products.

There is an option to pick up orders from our Windsor, WI warehouse at check out.  

Can I add onto or change my order?

Once orders are placed, we cannot make any changes to orders. Our Customer Service Team is happy to work with you on a solution. Please contact us for assistance!

What internet browsers are best to use to place my order?

We recommend using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge as the preferred internet browsers to place an order for best user experience. 


Seed FAQ's 


Are the seed coating products used by Deer Creek Seed OMRI approved?  

Most of the seed coatings we use are not currently OMRI approved. The exception is the Apex Green coating product used on our Fortitude Red Clover. This Apex Green is OMRI approved, click here for more details.

Does Deer Creek Seed carry any OMRI approved inoculants and, if so, what are they?

Yes, Deer Creek Seed offers all OMRI approved inoculants.

If I can't use coated, treated, or pre-inoculated seed, what other seed options do you provide?  

Many of Deer Creek Seed’s products are offered as raw seed with no inoculants or coatings added. If a seed product is coated or inoculated, it will clearly state this within the product title and overview.

Are your seeds GMO?

Many of our seed products are non-GMO, untreated, and conventionally grown. There are very few exceptions to this rule, such as the Eagle Forage Soybeans intended for wildlife food plots.  


Farming FAQ's

I'm working with the NRCS to plant a CRP acreage. Do you make CRP, DOT, or DNR certified mixes?

Deer Creek Seed has the ability to blend certified native mixes and other custom mixes for use in various NRCS, DOT, and DNR programs in the Upper Midwest. For more information on these mixes, please email us at In your email, please include the number of acres you intend to plant and attach the specification sheet for your mix. 


Homesteading FAQ's

What can I plant for my backyard chickens?

Chances are if you have backyard chickens, they are likely laying hens. In this case, layers require a high protein diet and it would be best to plant clovers, alfalfas, or forage grasses. 

If you are raising chickens for meat, you have broilers and likely plan to harvest them after 14-16 weeks. In this case, it would be best to plant a fast growing mix of grains.

Can I mill or process the seeds I order from Deer Creek Seed for human consumption?

No. Deer Creek Seed Co.'s seed products are not intended for human consumption directly. The seed products we carry are intended to be planted, grown, and then where appropriate, harvested as a food crop. 

Can I eat, mill, or process what I harvest from the seed products I purchase from you?

The seed products purchased from Deer Creek Seed must be planted and grown to maturity, and then our edible products such as wheat or rye can be used for human consumption. 

Can I use seeds I order from Deer Creek Seed for microgreens for human consumption?

We do not recommend using our products for microgreens. The seed products purchased from Deer Creek Seed are intended to be planted and grown to full maturity. 

Wildlife FAQ's


How do I get started planting a food plot?

Establishing a food plot that enables wildlife to thrive is a rewarding way to extend your hunting enthusiasm beyond the seasonal harvest. Like any other project you take pride in, a successful food plot starts with careful planning and preparation. For the basics on how to get started, click here to read our step by step guide. For more information check out our Tools and Guides page filled with tons of great information on planting food plots. 

How do I make my food plots last longer?

Extending the life of food plots is a function of 1) producing more forage or 2) adding a new crop and generating fresh new forage. Proper fertilization and liming can extend the length of the growing season as well as add to the volume and quality of your crop; more food, longer. If planting a second crop, spread seed over the top of a mature field or field that is depleted. This will generate new fresh growth.

Landscaping FAQ's 

What fescue do you recommend for low maintenance, one or two mows, little water and no fertilizing?

Low-Grow Turf Mix. Low-Grow Turf Mix is a mixture of 5 fescue species that reaches about 8 inches when fully grown. This mix can get by with less maintenance if no major inputs are applied (fertilizer or water). Great for cabins, parks, or any place where low maintenance is desired. Keep in mind that you can mow Low-Grow Turf Mix if you desire, however, most people do not.