* When you order 20 lbs or more of any 1lb, 5lb, or 25lb size products. 40lb to 50lb sizes not included

Checkout Instructions

Here are the steps to order directly from our website! 

Choose your bag size, quantity of bags, and add to cart.

From here, the page will "refresh" and appear to not do anything. This is untrue!  You will see a green bar show you that you have succesfully added products to you cart and a number will show up next to your cart icon as seen in this screenshot.

In the upper right hand corner of the website, there is a shopping cart icon. 

Click on the shopping cart to:

-Proceed to checkout
-Edit your cart
-Estimate shipping

Once you click "proceed to checkout", you will be directed to the shipping screen as dispolayed in the screenshot below.

At checkout, enter your shipping information, choose your shipping option, and click next to continue.  

NOTE: The green next button will be disabled until all the required information is entered (address, shipping methods, etc.).

We will validate your mailing address and a popup will appear as illustrated below.

Click CONFIRM, and you will be directed to the payment screen.

This next page will be your billing information and credit card. Make sure to click the checkbox labeled "my billing and shipping address is the same" if that is the case or enter the correct billing address associated with your credit card.  

NOTE: If your address is different make sure to hit the "update button" after entering the billing address.

Follow all on-screen prompts and you should see the "PLACE ORDER" button turn green.  Press it, and you should be good to go!


If you need any assistance at any point in this process, please give us a shout.

Just as a reminder our live chat is available during our normal business hours of 7:30AM - 4:00PM Central Standard Time.