Deer Creek Seed Co. is dedicated to offering not only the best food plot seed, but also to providing the best information resources to help you succeed. Check out our complete library of hunting resources below. 

Food Plot Prep for Fall and Winter
Food Plots For Pro's: Backwoods Food Plots for Prime Hunting
Food Plots For Pro's: Weed Management For Peak Production
Food Plots for Pros: Planning Crop Rotation for Healthy Soils & Hungry Deer 
Food Plots for Pros: Year-Round Nutrition Management
Food Plots for Pros: Soil Management For High-Performance Food Plots
Whitetail Deer Food Plots for Beginners
How to Plant and Maintain a Pollinator Seed Mix
What are Improved Brassicas? A Highlight on Our Diversity of Brassica Crops
How to Interpret a Soil Test