* When you order 20 lbs or more of any 1lb, 5lb, or 25lb size products. 40lb to 50lb sizes not included

Tyler Ampe

Tyler has been with the company since 2014, while going to school at Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin.  He is currently the Senior Director of Production, overlooking the three locations of Ashland, Effingham & Windsor.

Tyler grew up in Northern Minnesota, knowing more about the activities in the winter, than knowing what grows during the other months.  After graduating from High School, Tyler moved across the Midwest and Canada primarily for hockey and education. Through this shift in time, he was able to see the Midwest for what it is; agriculture.  After landing a job with Deer Creek Seed in 2014, he was then able to understand the potential of growing with the company, learning the fact that, “the world needs seeds”. 

As an avid outdoorsman, he spends most of excess time, when not hunting or fishing, in a store looking for the products he needs. After working for a company like Deer Creek Seed, he’s learned that Deer Creek sells quality products before selling inferior products in a pretty bag.  He enjoys being able to see the actual seed before buying it & that is exactly how Deer Creek Seed does it.

Outside of work, you would find Tyler in the outdoors, whether it is fishing, hunting or just trying to stay busy.  He doesn’t like to stay idle, and may be why he keeps production, productive.