Introducing Deer Creek’s latest “how to” guide, check out our new Food Plot Guidebook that contains basic, yet important information on guiding you to planting a standout food plot for your wildlife.

This booklet lays out specific information on what is in each of our mixes, seeding rate, planting depth, optimal planting dates based on zone, along with herbicide and fertilizer recommendations and rates. It also guides you through planting switchgrass and natives, liming information, how to clip/mow your alfalfas and clovers, and common chemical application rates.

Lastly, this guide is interactive. You can record all your plot information regarding your planting details, fertilization, and herbicide usage. Here at Deer Creek Seed Company, we strive to put out the best and most useful information as possible. If you are looking for success with your food plot we highly recommend downloading and printing this guide for your usage.

CLICK HERE to download the Food Plot Guidebook NOW!

Please contact us at or call us at our customer service line 877-247-3736 with any questions!


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