Dan Biddick

Dan Biddick is a Turf Specialist and Independent Sales Agent working closely with Deer Creek Seed.  Dan grew up on a family owned seed farm and is still a silent partner in his family’s seed business.  He is proud to have worked for over 40 years in the seed sales and distribution industries. He has a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin, served as a former president for the Wisconsin Turfgrass Association, and is a published author. He has previously worked for Trelay, Inc (Biddick, Inc.), Simplot, National Seed, and now Deer Creek Seed. Outside of his career in the seed industry, Dan has served on church, insurance, and foundation boards. Additionally, he is the founder, owner, and operator of Go For Folks, LLC.

Dan is committed to his sales efforts and is always accessible by phone on the weekends, evenings, and early mornings. If you have questions for Dan, please call him at 1 (608) 217 2199.