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"I wanted to send you a couple of pictures. One from a buck I took over the Brassica Blend plot along with one of the thousands of turnips the deer are now beginning to salivate over."

- Galena, IL
"Talk about hitting the Sweet Spot! Over the last two years, my daughter Aubrey and I have been hunting a quarter acre plot of Deer Creek Seed's Brassica Blend, tucked away between two bedding areas. Three trips to a ground blind over a 2-year period, with barely more than 3 hours of hunting time, yielded 3 shots, 2 deer tagged, and lots of wonderful memories. That's what I call a Sweet Spot! I know where Aubrey is going to be this coming bow season when she can find a couple hours. Thanks Deer Creek Seed!"

- Greg "Sarge" Symons, Holmen, WI
"We planted three food plots last July with Deer Creek Seed's Wildlife Mix. As soon as the fields were about two inches high the deer began hitting them like crazy. I was not aware that there were any turkeys in my woods until I found these feeding in the same field that the deer were. I'll be using this same mix in the four plots I have planned for this year."

- Gary Gaier, Tony, WI
"I purchased 40 acres 3 years ago for my daughter and I to hunt. It had no wildlife plots the first year so we decided to put a few in. The second year I did like most everyone else. Cleared a little spot put some seed down and nothing happened but weeds. The third year I got a soil test and put the recommended lime and fertilizer down and what a surprise. Deer in the plot every night. Hunting just off the plot I arrowed this 10 pt. buck. It is the biggest buck I have ever taken."

- Mike Thompsom, Oconto, WI
"I have been using Deer Creek Seed for the last few seasons; every year I see bigger and better bucks! Thanks for the great product!"

- Todd Darwin, Brule, WI
"I bought a bag of Deer Creek Seed's Beets & Sweets and a show blend at the Milwaukee sport show and my plots look great. I have sandy soil but added the 450 pounds of lime, 150 pot ash and 80 pounds of a high protein fertilizer to 1.5 acre plot and it looks awesome. Keep up the good work and I'm definitely looking forward to your products next year! Hopefully some of my softball size turnips will bring in the big one."

- Jamie Rataczak
"You guys just made my short list of go-to seed suppliers. I just wanted to say thank you--great, speedy service."

- K. McIntyre
"I plant and test food plots regularly. Autumn Buffet is doing phenomenal! It's greener than green and by far the best plot that I have ever planted! I've tested competitors, but they just can't compete with Deer Creek Seed's Autumn Buffet. I'm very impressed with what Deer Creek Seed has going on."

- Todd Schmidt, Glidden, WI
"I hunt 200 acres of ground in Trempealeau County. It is rolling CRP fields and wooded draws with some marsh lowland. There are no planted crops. I put in 3 food plots with Deer Creek Seed. These attract deer that can be seen with the trail cameras. August 4th I caught this big guy on camera on one of my food plots. I hunted for him but very carefully that fall. On October 24, 2009 I caught him moving between two bedding areas about 5:00 in the afternoon. My 12 yard shot was good."

- S. Satterlund
"I've planted Perennial Plus by my home in areas where clay is abundant. It has worked wonders! I'm now starting to use it at my farm in southern Wisconsin!"

- Tim Grafton
"I am a member of the North American Hunting Club. Today I received a packet of seed to try out this season. I am a huge fan of your seeds, and I was pleased to see your company logo on the package when I opened the box. I have one hundred and fifteen acres of hunting land where I planted about two acres of your Beets & Sweets last year, and it helped me harvest a nice 8 pointer! Thanks Deer Creek Seed!"

- Chris Hansen
"We have 80 acres in Adams, WI. I wanted to drop you a line to tell you how pleased I am with your Brassica Blend. Adams has sandy soil, and it is hard to grow crops, even with lime and fertilizer. Plus with the dry summers that we had this year it makes for tough growing. I have tried other seed companies and I had poor results. However, I saw your ad and what caught my attention is that your seed was formulated for northern climates, so I gave your seed a try; and you are right! It outgrew anything else that I had planted before. The Brassica and the Turnips grew to a height of 10-12 inches. With that kind of growth, we are seeing and holding more deer on the property, more than our neighbors that do not have food plots. More does means more bucks. We have seen and taken some nice bucks; a nice 8 and 10 pts. Thank you for the great seed. You now have a loyal customer, and I have mentioned you to some of my buddies that have land."

- Stan D, Adams, WI
"I wish to express my thanks. I have been planting food plots for over a decade and I have found that Deer Creek Seed Wildlife Mixes give me excellent forage and plot longevity in my geographic region in the northern tier of the Appalachia. Thank you!"

- Patrick D, Bolivar, NY