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1.) Who is Deer Creek Seed?

Deer Creek Seed, Inc. is the only Midwestern company that grows, conditions and packages turf, forage, and wildlife food plot seed, continually perfecting our "seed stewardship." It's this science-combined with our depth of experience-that makes us product to offer the Deer Creek Wildlife & Master Seedsmen Brands. We take great care and pride in upholding these credentials for our customers. Augmenting these strengths, our access to other specialized domestic and international growers enables us to offer the best of both worlds-carings and customizing for your precise requirements.


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2.) Why should I choose Deer Creek Seed?

Seed quality begins with the grower. Ask most seed suppliers if they actually grow and condition seed and, most likely, you’ll find they don’t. They’re simply reselling seed they bought from someone else. Deer Creek Seed still grows and conditions seed-that’s what seedsmen do. Our continuing stewardship of these disciplines is complemented by access to improved and elite varieties from breeding programs around the world. As experienced professionals with access to the best growers, Deer Creek Seed is uniquely positioned to meet your precise requirements.


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3.) How do I take a soil test?

Instructions for taking an accurate soil test can be found on the homepage, located below our promotions banner. 


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4.) What growing region do I live in?

Follow the map key to find which growing region you live in. 

Note: Products can be filtered by growing region (if desired) during a search within any department. You will get the best results from products listed within your growing region. Results may vary when choosing products not recommended for your area.




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5.) How do I make my food plots last longer?

Extending the life of food plots is a function of 1) producing more forage or 2) adding a new crop and generating fresh new forage. Proper fertilization and liming can extend the length of the growing season as well as add to the volume and quality of your crop; more food, longer. If planting a second crop, spread seed over the top of a mature field or field that is depleted. This will generate new fresh growth.


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6.) What fescue do you recommend for low maintenance, one or two mows, little water and no fertilizing?

Answer: Low-Grow Turf Mix.

Low-Grow Turf Mix is a mixture of 5 fescue species that reaches about 8 inches when fully grown. This mix can get by with less maintenance if no major inputs are applied (fertilizer or water). Great for cabins, parks or any place where low maintenance is desired. Keep in mind that you can mow Low-Grow Turf Mix if you desire, however most people do not.

Low-Grow Turf Mix can be found here,  .

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