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Dwarf Essex Rapeseed - Brassica napus

Dwarf Essex Rapeseed

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Dwarf Essex Rapeseed
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1 ACRE = 43,560 SQ FT
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Dwarf Essex Rapeseed is a short season Brassica specie. It produces more forage than conventional rapeseed, while also producing better quality forage. It typically does not survive the winters in northern climates. Rapeseed has a very succulent top growth that is high in nutrients. It may be used for livestock in pastures and/or wildlife mixtures.Plant late in the summer for a very green fall forage; spring or fall planting is also an option.  

Non-GMO Seed

Supported Species

All species of livestock and wildlife.

Northern Zone Planting Dates

April 1 - May 31;

July 1 - August 31

Transitional Zone Planting Dates

March 15 - May 31;

July 15 - September 15

Southern Zone Planting Dates

March 1 - April 30;

August 1 - September 30

Maturity 60 - 70 days
Height When Mature 6 - 18 inches
When to Plant Plant when soil temperatures reach 60°F.

Planting Depth

1/8 - 1/4 inch

Amount of Sunlight

Partial to full

Soil pH

5.0 - 7.0


Perform a soil test for exact recommendations.


Moderate protein levels.


High sugar and fiber levels.

Primary Usage

Cover crops, forage, and wildlife.

How to Plant

Dwarf Essex Rapeseed can be installed with drill, no-till drill, hand seeder or broadcast spreader. Seeds need to be covered with soil and pressed or packed to ensure seed to soil contact. See 'How To' tab for more details.





Seeding Rate: 9 - 12 lbs. / acre alone OR 5 - 8 lbs. / acre mixed